14' Tropical Xtreme Water Slide

House rental SPECIAL Cash discount price $269*

Space needed: 33' L x 18' W x 16' H                Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

14' Xtreme Tropical Water Slide.png

This 14′ Tropical Xtreme Water Slide allows riders to climb up 14 feet to a No-Jump Top with overhead netting, that forces players to slide down correctly, (keeping them secure), as well as a safety bumper wall at the end of the slide. Riders climb up the right side and slide down the left side for an extra splash of fun. There is a water system attached so riders can get wet going down the slide too. These slide pools are padded underneath, so there is no pain sliding down. This water slide is a great choice for a memorable Summer party with your friends and family! With a brightly-colored tropical theme, this slide will fit any celebration here in beautiful, sunny San Diego!

PLEASE NOTE: Slides can only be set up on grass, artificial turf, cement or bricks/pavers. We do not set up on dirt, weeds or dead grass. SORRY, NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Why rent a water slide from Bouncin' Kids? Here is what sets up apart from our competitors...

When your party is over, we do not deflate the slide and flood your yard like other companies do. We pump the water out to a more convenient location at your house. This prevents flooding, mud, slips and a swampy mess. Our professional staff takes care of it all, and it doesn't destroy your yard. No fuss, no mess. Choose Bouncin' Kids for your water slide needs!


*Prices shown are for cash payment. (Regular price via credit or debit card is approx. 8% more.) A delivery fee may apply.