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Tables & Chairs

6' x 2' 1/2" Rectangle Table $7.00 each

4' x 2' Rectangle Table (Adjustable height) $7.00 each

Beige Plastic Folding Chairs $1.00 each

*$60 minimum for rentals without a jumper. (Minimum is before delivery fee is added and pricing might be higher on Holidays.) Client pick ups are now permitted. Table covers/ tablecloths are required for tables.






60 x 102 White Rectangle Tablecloth.jpg

*New* Linen Tablecloths for 6' tables

60" x 102" Rectangular Tablecloths  $6.00 each
Colors: White, purple, blue, pink and black

Kids tables and chairs

*New* Kid's Tables and Chairs

4' Kid's Tables $7.00 each

Kid's white chairs $1.00 each

Kid's Picnic Tables (seats 4 children) $10.00 each




Generator (includes gas for up to 5 hrs): Price is per generator per party, NOT rented by the hour $45.00 each

*Please Note: Most parks do not have electrical outlets and will require you to rent a generator if you are renting a jumper at a park. Generators are only rented with inflatables.




Canopies 10' x 10' Provide 100 sq feet of shade $30.00 each





Propane Patio Heater Rental

Patio Heaters

Have you ever hosted an outdoor event and needed some heat when the sun goes down?
Our 46,000 BTU Patio Heaters are a great way to warm up your outdoor space and keep you and your guests comfortable. They heat up to 113 sq ft and the propane is included in the rental. $70 each



                                                                               Cotton Candy Machines

Out of ideas to make your party really special? Serve Cotton Candy!

Includes bowl cover, sugar floss and cones for up to 50 servings $65.00/ day
For an additional 50 servings $20.00

These Cotton Candy Machines are easy to use and great for birthday parties, corporate events, fundraisers, you name it! Each rental comes                                                                                                                                      with everything you need to make 50 servings of fresh and tasty cotton                                                                                                                                    candy. We include the cotton candy bowl cover at no extra charge - a                                                                                                                                        must have for each rental. The cover prevents the cotton candy from                                                                                                                                          flying out of the bowl and onto your belongings or other rentals!                                                                                                                                                  
Don't forget to add a 4' Adjustable rectangle table to your order for                                                                                                                                          ONLY $5.00                                                                                                                                            


                                                                                  Snow Cone Machines

What do you need on a HOT Summer day? A snow cone to cool you down!

Includes cones and syrup for up to 50 servings $65.00 per day
For an additional 50 servings $20.00

Our Snow Cone Machines are sure to make your Summer event a success! Cool down with a snow cone using our easy to use machines that are great for any event. Kids go crazy over snow cones. We provide the syrup and cones for up to 50 servings. You provide the ice. This  
machine requires 20 lbs of ice cubes for 50 servings.                               
                                                                                                                                 *Don't forget to add a 4' Adjustable rectangle table to your order for                                                                                                                                          ONLY $5.00        


Popcorn Machine with Cart option

Have hot, fresh movie theater style popcorn at your event! The delicious, buttery smell makes mouths water and is a great snack for any party. These machines are easy to use and are a huge hit.
Rental includes a scoop and 50 servings with bags $75.00 per day
Add the Cart to your order for only $10 more
For an additional 50 servings $20.00

165 Qt. Cooler

165 Qt. Cooler

Large 165 Qt. Coolers for your event. They have a 280 can capacity and a drain plug for easy draining at the end of your event. Great to store ice for your snow cone machine too! $25

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Liven up your party with some music! Be your own DJ. This powerful Bluetooth speaker streams your favorite music from any Bluetooth®-enabled device, has an AM/FM radio, comes with a high-quality microphone, and pumps out great sound. $40